The events in Odessa at 29 March 2020

International Forum "Wind Rose"

29 March 2020, 08:00
category: religion/spirituality
from 1000 to 1400 UAH
place: The Banquet house "Renaissance" (Lyustdorfskaya Doroga, 172/1)              The international forum for personal growth and development ROSA VETROV is the largest educational project in UKRAINE.       The author, inspirer and founder of the project is Natalia Alexandrova.              THIS FORUM is for YOU if       You decided to change your profession       You are in search of your destiny       You want to open a new business and create a business       You are a reformer and creator       You want to meet new partners, for co-creation and cooperation       You set high goals and YOU need the support of like-minded people       You want to enter the international level of development       You are a businessman and leader, you can get new and necessary information for the development of your business       You are a tarologist, numerologist, coach, psychologist, astrologer, trainer, educational specialist and help others to develop       You are a creative person and are looking for new sources of inspiration        You are the author of your ideas and methods that will benefit society        You are a teacher and mentor, you can provide spiritual and psychological support        You are an organizer of events, exhibitions and networking        You are a producer       You are a personal growth and development coach       You are the author of transformational games and want to find the leaders               This is the very IMPORTANT REASON why you need to be       At the international forum for personal growth and development⚜ ROSE OF WINDS ⚜              A pleasant atmosphere and festive mood awaits YOU朗✅20 transformational trainings and master classes.       ✅100 transformational games on various topics.                朗☝️❤       The best game technicians, authors of games and techniques, top speakers of Ukraine and other countries, successful trainers and masters of their craft ❤ will share with you the best recipes for happiness and success, beauty and health.       ☝️Share the best practices and experiences. ⚜               FOR YOU ❤       ⚜Two concerts       ⚜networking       ⚜ exhibition and fair of transformational games       ⚜ exhibition and promotion of events, training programs       ⚜ exhibition of paintings       ⚜ coffee - break       ⚜ prizes and gifts from masters, fashion show from a famous designer and MAGIC MOOD 殺朗朗朗              At the FORUM you will find answers to all your questions. New happy changes await YOU! ❤              WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF ABUNDANCE AND PROSPERITY❤       We are waiting for you on March 28-29, 2020.              Registration of participants at 8:00       Concert - meditation at 8:30       Grand opening 9:00.       At the closing ceremony of the forum       for you as a gift        enchanting concert - show朗朗朗              ALL the best for YOU with us       In a circle of like-minded people, achieving life goals is faster       You will be charged with energy, get the keys to resolving issues, meet bright, positive people. ❤              The event will take place in the beautiful halls of the banquet house RENAISANCE,        at address        Odessa       st. Lustdorf Road, 172/1✅ Ticket value for the two-day forum ROSA WINDS       from February 1, 1200 hryvnia.       from March 1, 1400 hryvnia.      ☝️ For one day forum        (tickets are sold exclusively on the second day of the forum on March 29)       ✅ from February 1 - 800 hryvnias       ✅ from March 1 - 1000 hryvnias               Buy tickets in advance☝️              All the details are according to tel. +38 0995385517              INTERNATIONAL FORUM OF GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT OF PERSONALITY “WIND ROSE”       - a new level of professional excellence and education ⚜       Be with us ⚜殺       Together we are power ❤              See you at the International Forum for Personal Growth and Development ROSA WINDS ⚜              ✅ registration on the site     

The poster of the event — International Forum "Wind Rose" in The Banquet house "Renaissance"