The events in Odessa at 31 March 2020

Nataliya Mogilevska

31 March 2020, 19:00
category: concert
place: The Opera and ballet theatre (Tchaikovsky lane, 1)

Natalia Mogilevsky is called the same age as an independent Ukraine. The becoming of the People’s Artist, became the most important thing at once with our power and won, a posed pose, a bullet and an overstatement of skin support, that’s why I love the weekly “Lala”, that’s all for good having drunk the Koliskov's “To Home I” to my little children with the stretch of the remaining twenty rockies.         Spivachki's debut album in 1997: Rotsі rozіyshovsya with a millionth overlay. Z quiet pir won won a leading position in the Ukrainian music charts. Ale sold the car no worse than Yak Spivachka, Ale and TV teacher, producer of the projects “Chance”, “Factory Zirok” and the founder of the producer center Talant. Mogilevska has become a mentor for those who are in love with the now-lasting hardships: Kozlovsky V., Dimi Monatika, Max Barskikh, Group Quest Pistols, Alisi Tarabarovo, Regini Todorenko, Volodya Dantes, Vlad Darvina. , - I don’t have to go to the sea for a couple of rows to love the rest, like to moonlight from the National Saints on the Maidan and head squares of the cutaneous great city of Ukraine ..         The artist’s turn on the floor in the new season show “Dance with Zirkami” announced by the channel 1 + 1 as “turn of the legend”. Nove tango with the titled athlete from Odessa Igor Kuzmenko became for the Mogilev ear of new history. She won the song, smiled the image and brought it to Ukraine, but she can dance no more, 10 or so more. Having thrown off 25 kilograms, zmіnivshi іmіdzh і are engaged in twelve years of the day with ballroom dancing, she won the enchanting show at the whole show!Not so long ago, Mogilevskaya vocally declared to the whole country: “I started up!”       Spivachka took up the active touring activity not a little more, ale y vidkrila creativity school for children Talant School in Chernivtsi, Odessa, Kiev and Kharkiv! And the most ready-made new Ukrainian new album "Pokokhala" and a new concert show with the same name.

The poster of the event — Nataliya Mogilevska in The Opera and ballet theatre