The events in Odessa at 29 March 2020

"Women. A voice from the past" from Tatyana Bykadorova

29 March 2020, 16:00
category: lecture
120 UAH
place: Museum of Western and Oriental art (Pushkinskaya str., 9)

Have this attention, friends! The lecture is postponed to MARCH 29! Tickets are valid) ◻History was always written by men, to do it they chose too. Since then, as people learned how to transform their thoughts into written symbols and there is evidence of record by which to judge how people perceive the world and society - one remarkably similar and consistently. ◻Master and arbiter – it is always a man and a woman, as a rule, if mentioned, only as a minor and insignificant figure. But in spite of all the restrictions and religious prejudice, imposed society, the woman because of his intelligence and personal strengths are often able to achieve success and recognition. We know women rulers, philosophers, scientists and even soldiers. ◻When got the idea of woman as the "inevitable evil" and why was looking at her with a strange mixture of suspicion and fearful fascination? Why are there so few female names told the story, we will talk on Sunday 15 March at 16:00 at lecture head. Department of Ancient art Tatiana Bykadorova  You waiting for a glass of wine and an interesting story about women in the ancient world, whose names came to us from depth of millennia in the historical sources, myths and works of art.  29 Mar ⏳ 16:00 Pushkinskaya, 9 Tickets at the box office of the Museum: 120 UAH #lektorius

The poster of the event — "Women. A voice from the past" from Tatyana Bykadorova in Museum of Western and Oriental art