The events in Odessa at 28 March 2020

Utochkin Memorial

28 March 2020, 09:00
category: sport
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So, the first race of the season, ladies and gentlemen!       And the first race of the Southern Bicycle League will traditionally be the Utochkin Memorial - a start dedicated to the famous Odessa citizen, aviator and, of course, cyclist Sergey Isaevich Utochkin.       He was called the "academician of sports." He was not only a famous cyclist, but also won in competitions in tennis and fencing, boxing, wrestling and swimming, in rowing and speed skating. He studied jiu-jitsu, participated in sailing regattas (and he built a yacht himself), played football very well and rollerbladed. In total I tried myself in more than fifteen (!) Sports. Ballooning was his true passion, and Utochkin’s entire athletic career looks like preparation for rising to the sky.       Do you like the sky?       Do you love the sky as Utochkin loved it?       And now about the main thing! The feeling of flying is getting closer ... On March 29, we will give away a gift certificate of flight on a plane among the participants ‍♂️ 朗 ✈️       “It seems that I always yearned for the sensations that now make up my affiliation - the affiliation of a lucky man who has penetrated the air.“ - Sergey Isaevich Utochkin

The poster of the event — Utochkin Memorial in Location