The events in Odessa at 29 March 2020

"Healthy spine: an explanation of the practice" by Eugene Blazhko

29 March 2020, 14:30
category: master class
from 400 to 500 UAH
place: Yoga Studio "by Jogada" (Marshala Govorova, 18a)

Everything changes through practice!              Friends, the topic of spinal health is now more than relevant.       Therefore, we finally persuaded our lead teacher and methodologist Eugene Blazhko to hold a seminar for you on the health of your back and the whole body.              The spine is the basis of life and it is here that the most complex blocks and problems accumulate, leading to many diseases and ailments.              What are we going to do?              - Eugene will explain which asanas are most effective for spinal health and why       - He will tell how the correct work in the body in a particular asana affects the health of the back in a positive way.       - Explains what processes occur during practice and why you need to practice with an experienced teacher       - Will conduct a practice during which you will work with the entire spine and realize how each pose “includes” the whole body as a whole with deep inner work       - Eugene will explain in detail the key points in each pose that you will perform all together              What will you get at the seminar?              - A deeper understanding of the processes of your body       - The realization that the external beauty of a yoga pose is neither a goal nor a guarantee of health       - You will feel how important is the constant internal work in each asana to achieve a long therapeutic effect.       - Gain in-depth knowledge and skills for home practice, which you will not find in any video on Youtube       - Get recommendations from Eugene for personal practice- Take a fresh look at yoga practice, get answers to questions that have long tormented you       - You will feel a surge of energy and a positive charge from communicating with Eugene, an incredibly bright and sincere Teacher.              Do not miss the seminar with an experienced teacher Eugene Blazhko (experience in practice - 20 years, experience in teaching - 15 years, certificate- INTRODUCTORY 2, Iyengar Yoga Institute, India, Pune)              In order for everyone to have the opportunity to touch their knowledge and get a chance to look at their health from a different angle, the cost of the seminar is symbolic.              The knowledge and experience that you will receive at the seminar will fundamentally change your attitude towards yourself and the practice of yoga. And, most importantly, you will not gain this experience by watching video lessons on the Internet and in descriptions of performing asanas on specialized sites.       Do not miss an important event for yourself.              Seats are limited, so please register in advance.              Where?       Odessa, YogaHouse, Marshal Govorov St. 18              When?       March 29 at 14:30              Cost: 400 UAH if paid before 19.03, after 19.03 - 500 UAH.              Registration by phone:       +38 048 709 108 5       +38 093 000 38 39       +38 096 242 31 56

The poster of the event — "Healthy spine: an explanation of the practice" by Eugene Blazhko in Yoga Studio "by Jogada"