The events in Odessa at 26 March 2020

Qigong Workshop with Zoe Ligvinsky / Live

26 March 2020, 20:00
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What: Qigong Workshop Online - 5 lessons       Where:       When: March 23-27, 20:00              Dear friends, reminder - today at 20:00 the first broadcast.       About the program itself below: # qigong_antistress and #strong_immunity       On March 23-27 at 20: 00-21: 00 (in Kiev) I will conduct a series of live broadcasts on my personal pages in the FB (Zoya Ligvinsk) and on Instagram @ligvinska_art_qigong - the practice of qigong exercises to strengthen immunity, relieve stress and emotional stress.       ...       EVERYONE CAN TAKE PART IN! Even those who have never practiced qigong, and did not undergo training programs with certified instructors.       ...       TERMS OF PARTICIPATION: without payment.       BUT! If you can make a charitable contribution in favor of building the international cultural center - it will be wonderful!       (Any amount that you consider possible for yourself to contribute to the development of this project).       ...       You can make a donation at by clicking on the "HELP THE CENTER" button.       ...       (N.B. I do not need to send screenshots, etc. that you have made a donation :-) And you can make it on any of the five days of classes - when there is time, desire and opportunity.)       ...       This five-day qigong workshop is something that I can share with you now to relieve emotional stress and strengthen immunity, and my contribution to the project that I support.       ...       Everything passes - and quarantine, and the virus, and crises. :-)Be healthy physically and psychologically, and join the online qigong practice!              .       # qiguntherapy # qigongonline # Zhongyuanqigong #Biguan # qigong_antistress #immunity # antistress #already good

The poster of the event — Qigong Workshop with Zoe Ligvinsky / Live in Location