The events in Odessa at 31 March 2020

KMB Premium about partnership in business with Vitaly Zelenin

31 March 2020, 10:00
category: online
place: Consulting community "Business Youth" (French b-R, 8 (2 floor))

TOPIC: “Partnership in business: how to formalize relations at the stage of creating a great company”       Registration:               March 31, Tuesday        10:00 - 13:00        Online connection (no need to go anywhere)               WHAT YOU EXPECT:       - presentation of each participant;       - presentation of the speaker;       - Anti-crisis brain storm with participants.              WHO IS OUR SPEAKER:       Vitaliy Zelenin - attorney, head of the legal department of the Altius Law Firm,               WHAT TO TALK ABOUT:       - Causes of corporate conflicts and scenarios of their development;       - Ways to resolve corporate conflicts;       - Corporate agreement - as a way to maintain relations with a partner and business.               FOR WHOM: a business in which there are partners or businessmen planning to start a joint business.              ⭐️ WHAT YOU WILL GET:       ▪️Consider the main situations, using real cases as an example, because of which problems arise between partners.       ▪️Learn how to prevent corporate conflict or minimize its consequences       ▪️Get recommendations regarding behavior during conflict       ▪️Learn how to apply the world experience in designing relationships between partners in Ukrainian realities.       ▪️Learn how to anticipate and resolve possible conflicts in the future using a corporate agreement at the start of a business.               PARTICIPATION:        - For owners of club cards "KMB Premium" - FOR FREE!- Without the KMB Premium club card, you can attend a maximum of one closed club event, if you meet the conditions, the cost is 595 UAH.              CONDITION: only for business owners and CEOs whose companies have a minimum of 1 year in the market. More on club cards:               REGISTRATION:              Gen.partner KMB - Economy chain store, OptPrice and HoReCa Econom-Service online store

The poster of the event — KMB Premium about partnership in business with Vitaly Zelenin in Consulting community "Business Youth"