The events in Odessa at 31 March 2020

Eco-air No. 7 // Zero Waste

31 March 2020, 14:00
category: online
place: Co-working center "Impact Hub Odessa" (1A Grecheskaya street)

Already on March 31 we will conduct a live broadcast on the topic "Zero Waste", where you will learn:               What is zero waste and how to come to this;       About 5R:        Refuse: zero waste and minimalism;        Reduce: conscious consumption;        Reuse: reuse and alternatives to reusable items;        Recycle: about sorting and recycling        Rot: why compost?              Also discuss:               How to get rid of the feeling that you are not doing enough?        What to do if loved ones do not support you?        “What is greener?” - why is there no definite answer to this question?        How to open an eco-store?              Speaker:       Alexandra Chernyak, creator of zero waste store. A year and a half leads an eco-friendly lifestyle and writes articles for the blog (               In October 2019, she launched an online eco-course where she shares her experience and knowledge on zero waste and the environment.

The poster of the event — Eco-air No. 7 // Zero Waste in Co-working center "Impact Hub Odessa"