The events in Odessa at 24 May 2020

Premiere! "Thank you for everything" / Musical solo performance

24 May 2020, 16:00
category: play
75 UAH
place: Theatre on the Tea (Mal. stage) (Marazlievskaya str., 34a)

“Thank you for everything”       Genre: Musical solo performance       Duration: 80 minutes.       The composition of the play is based on original songs and poems.              “You know, friend, every meeting is more so than parting. See you - emptiness, nothing, and after parting, emptiness no longer exists. Having met once, it is impossible to completely part. A person remains in memory as her, memory, part. He created this part, and it lives and sometimes comes into contact with its creator. Otherwise, why do we feel dear people at a distance? ”                                                                                                                                                                                       E. Vodolazkin “Laurel”              The author of the play is Faina Martynova       Plastic composition of the play: Diana Kostyka              The performance is attended by:       Faina Martynova (songwriter (music / lyrics), author of poems; performer)       Julia Zakernichnaya (piano, author of music for poems)       Ivan Oreshkov (guitar)       Marta Kuchimova (cello)       Elena Volkova (violin)       Mikhail Zakernichny (button accordion)              Video director, editing: Tatyana Kamelevskaya       Light: Anastasia Kuropatkina       Actors: Faina Martynova, Mikhail Zakernichny.              Costume Designer: Anna Vishnevskaya       Makeup: Alisa Vstradinskaya

The poster of the event — Premiere! "Thank you for everything" / Musical solo performance in Theatre on the Tea (Mal. stage)