The events in Odessa at 27 May 2020

Oleksandr Malinіn

27 May 2020, 19:00
category: concert
from 500 to 2500 UAH
place: Comedy (street, 3)

Malіnіn - spіvak, without the chorus of writing, the estrada is simply simply impotent.              The mastery of Oleksandra Malіnіna pіdkorilo sertsya mіlyyonіv. His artistic style, his refreshes in the highest nobility and guiding, zrozumіlii all, madly, shrunk to the skarbnitsy of traditional culture. The creativity of Malinina is organically based on a traditional tradition of romance and is now sounding well. Yogo glybokі and schirі іntonatsії to feel the thrill of the hearts of the public, especially especially parting! Mi chuєmo characteristic of sincere, rebellious spirit, vidchaydushnu zavziatіst and aristocratic vitonchensty. Spіvak vzhe bagato rokіv vіrny his own scenic image and repertoire. Pisnі vin vibiraє himself, viddayuchi overtake virsham with a deep inner energy, the creators of poetry-classics.              For his solo car'єru, Oleksandr reached enormous results. The title of the national artist, the appearance of the insignia on the "Square Zirok", the prestigious musical award "The World Music Awards" for the best selling prices - all are from Olexander Malinin. Therefore, the number of drives is not great; the main indicator of the artist’s popularity. Пісні, які forever settled in the hearts of rumors and sold outs, like a supervodzhuyut concert Oleksandra Malіnіna - the main achievement sp_vaka!              Since 1988, Malinin has released about 30 albums, two of them - Chervona Kalina (2003) and Charivna Skrypka (2006) - Ukrainian.

The poster of the event — Oleksandr Malinіn in Comedy