The events in Odessa at 29 May 2020

Soul Crystals

29 May 2020, 18:00
category: religion/spirituality
700 UAH
place: Studio female perfection "Lakshmi" (Zhukovskogo str., 27)

Dear friends, I invite you to my author training "Soul Crystals".              We are only conductors of Energy. In them, energy accumulates, leaving information. Crystals can become an integral part of your life, because you like to wear both semi-precious and precious stones ?! You can strengthen their strength, charge in the direction you need: purification or protection, strengthening your Feminine Strength.              Various peoples worshiped the Crystals and used them as tools of spiritual influence, as a focus of energy, a special force called upon to protect.       During the training, you will touch the magical power of crystals, feel the magic of each crystal, I will teach you how to feel.              What do you learn in the training:       - You will learn how to work with crystals to improve the body;       - learn to clean stones;       - learn to charge your stone;       - get acquainted with the practices of healing the body with crystals, get acquainted with some very simple and interesting techniques;       - meditation with crystals;       - crystals and feng shui in your home;       - and for fans of our "Fire Spiral" - we will create a Spiral of crystals. You can then do it at home, building up your desires whenever you want;       - we will create a mandala or a crystal lattice of stones to protect your home or business;       - and of course we will create a female Circle of Power with the help of crystals for the fulfillment of Desires;The price includes printed material and a bag of natural stones for training as a gift ❤❤❤              Trainer and Author - Karina Filimonova       Cost - 700 UAH              The number of seats is limited - only 10.              Registration              The address:       Odessa       South Star       Kataev Lane 2

The poster of the event — Soul Crystals in Studio female perfection "Lakshmi"