The events in Odessa at 29 May 2020

Propaedeutics of Psychiatry

29 May 2020, 15:00
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Introduction to psychiatry for psychologists, doctors of other specialties, social workers, psychology students              ⁉️ How to distinguish a neurotic from a psychotic, how to know for sure who can be helped and who cannot be worked with for their own safety? The essence of the course: the basics of knowledge in psychiatry, the ability to apply them in practice for the effectiveness and environmental friendliness of work and compliance with the safety and ethics of the process.               MAIN TOPICS:        Schizophrenia. Psychoses.        Edge states. Behavioral and personality disorders.        Emotional disorders, depression.        Neurosis. Panic disorders.       Post-traumatic stress disorder. Psychosomatics.        Delayed mental development, oligophrenia. Organic brain damage. Alzheimer's disease and other involutional disorders        Dependencies. Fundamentals of forensic psychiatry and many others               TEACHERS:       prof. A.Filtz (Lviv),       prof. G. Pilyagina (Kiev),       prof. Korostiy (Kharkov)       and other doctors-psychiatrists and teachers of medical universities               FORMAT:       160 hours ➡️ 80 hours theory lectures       ➕       80 hours practices - clinical trials              8 modules throughout the year - 2.5 days each       Estimated timetable:                 Fri 15.00-19.45                 Sat 10.30-18.00                 Sun 10.00-18.00 At the end of the course - the certificate of USP - MANDATORY for certification, entry into the register of USP and the European professional communities, in the future for licensing of practical activities)              ℹ️ Information, registration:       067 7132284       066 7922881       050 9122359       096 4004318

The poster of the event — Propaedeutics of Psychiatry in Location