The events in Odessa at 24 May 2020

Third Game Manhattan Club

24 May 2020, 18:00
category: online
place: Location (specified when registering)

This day has arrived: Manhattan is expanding to the size of the entire planet! (:              We begin our online season, which is available for ALL teams, with a separate standings and a seasonal rating for the quarantine period, and possibly afterwards, if everyone comes up with the format! Quarantine gave us a unique opportunity to play against the strongest teams from different cities!              A few words about yourself and why you should play with us. We have been successfully playing all kinds of quizes for several years (Caution, PostModern! / Nikolaev team), and having played 200+ games during this time, we know what a good quiz is. In addition, we are no less successful in conducting the fifth season of our own quiz - Manhattan Club. So we have experience and sufficient qualifications. All questions have been approved by our head, quite famous in the circles of the Ukrainian ChGK movement, Andrei Grischuk. If you are not familiar, subscribe to the social. networks, read jokes and photojacks.              Registration is required❗️❗️❗️              Event Time: May 24, 18:00 (in Kiev)       Venue: Online (link will be sent after payment to you in advance)       Cost: 500 hryvnias per team (payment by card)              Organizational highlights:              - the team can have as many people as you like, the payment from this will not change;       - Google, of course, is impossible, we hope for your honesty, + we check all the questions, they are not so easy to google, and we do all the tasks so that Google and Shazam do not really help;- the game will be checked, redrawn, but we will still have a Google form for appeals.       - 8 rounds on 10 questions of various subjects await you!              See you at the game! You will definitely enjoy it! (:

The poster of the event — Third Game Manhattan Club in Location