The events in Odessa at 29 May 2020

Chatting heart to heart (Jungian readings)

29 May 2020, 18:30
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100 UAH
place: Location (look in the description)

"Books help souls travel while sitting still."                                                               Bernard Werber                   How do our literary meetings take place?        FORMAT OF JUNGIAN LITERARY MEETINGS involves joint reading and discussion of what has been read.              Listening to the story, we respond at three levels:       - to the text - the story that is being read;       - how reading is done,       - and what happens to us while reading.              Gathering our reactions - at the level of the body, thoughts, feelings, images - and our associations, we are faced with some kind of context, our own history, in response to what we read.              By participating in joint Jungian readings you have the opportunity:        get acquainted with the text of the work from different points of view        live the work in a group, which gives a unique effect, more voluminous and conscious; people read, in completely different ways, sometimes making accents in those places that a lone reader, reading "to oneself", misses; (see the "back of the moon")        immersed in the atmosphere of the work - to live only your own, individual, in the collective, when the group is a sacred vessel for the seething of feelings;        discuss your thoughts, feelings, sensations, images with others if desire arises, and do not do this if desire does not arise.              The meetings will be of interest to those who are ready for dialogue with their inner world.                     Presenter - Lyudmila Mukhlynina,       analytically oriented psychologist.Registration:       tel: +0975509603              Where: st. Ak. Queen 92 A, of. 319                Cost: 100 gr

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