The events in Odessa at 25 May 2020

Cinema club Jungian "Archetypal veil"

25 May 2020, 18:30
category: movie
100 UAH
place: Building of analytical psychology "Dialogue" (Queen St, 92-A, of.319)

The movie is a fantasy and the world is covered with archetypal veil, under which they continue to live. But their purpose remains the same. The living soul requires a dialogue, and movies speak to the soul in one language - the language of images. Watching movies, we can freely enter into territories that belong only to our imagination. This world of eternal truths has the ability to change us if we are open to his influence. Cinema and depth psychology – sisters. Two lost sisters, almost twins, looking for a way back to mother Mother's Image. And the core of this image is the Soul. Through the image of the soul entering into dialogue with us, for them to found their own meanings. Movies are the carriers of the memory of the dancing shadows from the fires. Therefore believe movie! Registration fee 100 gr. Recording tel: +380975509603 Where: ul. Queen 92-a, of.319.

The poster of the event — Cinema club Jungian "Archetypal veil" in Building of analytical psychology "Dialogue"