The events in Odessa at 26 May 2020

Etherapeutics MK "playing WITH SHADOW"

26 May 2020, 18:30
category: master class
200 UAH
place: Location (look in the description)

Most often in communication with others, we strive to meet the "light" sides - each with its own list of such parties and qualities. We want to be accepted and recognized, and we are trying to show off. But there is in us and the quality of living in the shadows, and we don't really want to admit - even to themselves, not just others. By the way, sometimes this concealed side can become what is generally considered "light" and "good". The more we deny something, the more it goes into the shadow, and the more intimidating it can become. What's hiding in your shadow? And what kind of life you can for yourself to purchase? In the form of a game, with elements of dance / movement therapy, supported by the leading group, we invite you to explore your shadows and make your own figure "bigger" and livelier. (Recall that only vampires don't cast shadows ;)) Leading-renewed: Milena M. - associate coach OPGP accredited gestalttherapie, supervisor, leading therapeutic groups and training programs for psychologists, private psychotherapeutic practice. Specialization: "Psychosomatics", "Crisis and trauma", "Gestalt Philosophy". Olga korchemkina, psychologist, certified gestalttherapie, supervisor. Specialization "Gestalt therapy and the systemic approach to family", "managing traumatic experiences". Individual counselling and psychotherapy, conducting therapeutic groups. Cost of participation: 200 UAH. Registration for the event: the Yana Ablogina ( tel: +380969179972) Venue: the Space of "Black Space", Grecheskaya square 3/4, gallery "ATHENA", office 732, Odessa

The poster of the event — Etherapeutics MK "playing WITH SHADOW" in Location