The events in Odessa at 25 May 2020

Online profiling. Basic course

25 May 2020, 18:30
category: the courses
from 1750 to 3500 UAH
place: School Profiling “Profiling Club” (St. Pasteur, 56)

The basic course on studying profiling techniques is now online              We have broken the course into an online format convenient       7 days for 3 hours              You will be able to master the profiling technique in a comfortable environment for you.              This is a series of webinars where you can communicate with teachers and ask questions in real time.              If you skip a lesson, you will have access to the recording of this lesson.              Schedule and course description              May Day 25       1. Introduction to the profiling technique and the basics of the brain       2. Prediction of human behavior according to the constitution of the body       3. The practical part              Second day. 26 of May       1. Non-verbal behavior as a tool in the observation and analysis of human behavior       2. Recognition of 7 basic emotions as a tool for reading the baseline of human behavior       3. The practical part              Day Three May 27th       1. The technique of visual psychodiagnostics of 7 radicals - introduction       2. 3 radicals - description and behavioral markers              Day four. May 28       1. Continuation of the technique of 7 radicals          4 radicals - description and behavioral markers              Fifth day. May 29       1. Introduction to the theory of C. Jung about Archetypes       2. 1 and 2 quadrant of the human life cycle - description and markers of typing behavior and values              Day Six May 30       1. Continuation of the methodology Archetypes and Shadows           3 and 4 quadrant of the human life cycle - description, markers of typing behavior and valuesThe seventh day. May 31       1. The method of linguistic analysis of man       Creating a metaprogram profile of the interlocutor              After each day, students receive homework assignments (online)              After completing the entire course, students are invited to practical classes in which typing of unfamiliar, “living” people takes place in order to learn how to compose a psychological profile of a person,       At each workshop, we draw up 2 psychological profiles.              The cost of 7-day training (21 hours of training) - 3500 UAH (the price for online format is reduced by 50% of the cost of offline training)              Training time 18:30 - 21:30              Registration for the course in the registration form to simplify the technical part of the organization of training              Registration link              Registration with the project organizer        @ Irina Stamati       050 333 48 48

The poster of the event — Online profiling. Basic course in School Profiling “Profiling Club”