The events in Odessa at 29 May 2020

Aglaya Dateshidze. Internal compass

29 May 2020, 19:00
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Inner compass. What do I know about him?              Training Aglaya Dateshidze       May 29-31, 2020, Odessa              There are so many people and relationships in the world that it often takes us with a stream of emotions to a place where there is nothing of value. How to learn to stop in time and return to yourself? How to clearly navigate the world, relying on yourself?       There are many practices in the world for every taste. What practice to choose?       The inside is sometimes quiet, and sometimes a storm rages. How to find the point that shows where you need to go now? How to learn to listen to yourself?       Our body is constantly giving signals. How to begin to understand and correctly interpret them?              There are objective things in a person: age, gender, height, constitution, temperament. How to understand what is constant and what is changing? How to start using your natural abilities instead of fighting them?       How to find your way or at least the road that you need to go at the moment?              We will talk about everything about this and much more, dance, be silent, draw and meditate and dance again at our training.       Gestalt therapy, dance-motor therapy, authentic movement, somatic, body dynamics, many more techniques with obscure names will be used in the work. The main thing is that you find it useful :)))       The training is procedural. This means that each participant will follow the internal compass to their goals with the help of a group.              It can help you if you:       • are in crisis       • lost your way       • lost the meaning of life• easily carried away by other people's ideas       • all the time looking for something outside       • do not know how to listen to yourself       • want to slow down       • want to find your pace       • want to understand what is inside you       • want to feel life sharper       • want to allow yourself to go your own way, regardless of what is happening around       • want to work with any other of your request              LEADER:       Aglaya Dateshidze (Aglaya Dateshidze) - dance-motor therapist and many more what therapist. A writer, a traveler, a performer, an entrepreneur and just a person.       The author of the site              “I feel the dance as part of my nature from childhood. At first I resisted this and tried to do something serious. Therefore, I am a psychotherapist. But only having regained the joy of movement, I gained integrity and real happiness.       In dance therapy, I find a lot of interesting things for myself. With it, you can change life quickly, at the level of the body and the underlying processes. I like to help people change and change myself. I like to watch and accompany. Well, and dance, of course. ”              SCHEDULE:       • May 29, Friday       19.00-22.00              • May 30, Saturday       11.00-19.30, with breaks for coffee breaks and lunch.              • May 31, Sunday       11.00-19.30, with breaks for coffee breaks and lunch.              LOCATION       Odessa, studio Namaste, st. Rishelievskaya 26.              PRICE:       $ 180 - if paid before April 20.$ 200 - if paid after April 20.       Payment in UAH at the rate on the day of payment.               All participants receive a certificate.              MANDATORY REGISTRATION       Please fill out the form:       In order to reserve a place in the group, you must pay a registration fee of 2500 hryvnia. If you pay at an early price, then full payment must be paid before April 20. All details are sent by letter after registration.              NUMBER OF PLACES in a group of a maximum of 25 people.              CONTACTS OF THE ORGANIZER       fb: Katya Adyseva       tel .: (+38) 063 079-78-90       e-mail:

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