The events in Odessa at 04 July 2020

Gesheft in the summer together

04 July 2020, 11:00
category: more
place: Green theatre (Shevchenko Park)

Summer Together Gesheft knows how to organize the most stylish and creative design market in the country, bringing together the coolest designers and makers. Have a great plan on how to spend this summer together. Finally we can share it with you! There are countless bright days ahead, an endless number of adventures and one of these adventures we will be able to spend on July 4-5 in our beloved Green Theater. Another wonderful season gently hugs and fills the heart with the warmest emotions. Meeting with friends, laughter from all sides, a light soundtrack, brilliant smiles, lemonade and beautiful people. Summer is inside and outside of you. Such a simple, long-awaited, understandable. The real vacation began: walking, forgetting about everything, wallowing in a sunny meadow, launching a kite, catching sun bunnies, humming your favorite song and making a wish, tying the last knot on a makeshift bracelet, and other simple summer joys. All this we are together. Together at the summer Gesheft. : sun_with_face: We prepare the flags, cut the turntables, string the bead bracelets and put a piece of summer into each of the beads. On a small lawn, we prepare deckchairs through one, in order to enjoy the performances of Stepan I Meduza, Aircraft and many others in a warm evening, observing the distance, we leave a lot of space for imagination and free movements. We select the summer participants of the market, prepare to eat delicious food on the summer terrace with the most diverse food court. We gather all Gesheft’s friends on July 4 and 5 at the Green Theater in Odessa.Want to be part of Gesheft? Registration for participants is already open! Send us an e-mail application in a free form (indicating the brand, links to your profile in social networks, photos of products and the proposed stand).

The poster of the event — Gesheft in the summer together in Green theatre