The events in Odessa at 06 July 2020

Ivana Kupala with a "Rest in glory"

06 July 2020, 14:00
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400 UAH
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MIDSUMMER: folk traditions, songs, fun... Program 14:00 group Gathering near the railway station. On the way to holiday visit the wild catacombs, let's do a photo shoot on the dry Kuyalnik estuary and visit the monastery in the village of Marinovka 16.00 Visit to the estate "Cossack family" — the greeting of the hosts. Treat with vodka and sandwiches. Opening celebrations — familiarity with the rite. 16.30-18.00 Women and girls go to gather flowers and weave wreaths and decorate yourself. Master class on weaving wreaths. Girl (unmarried) is doing the Vanya doll (made of straw and old clothes.) Guys unmarried doll Ivana crylast or branches of willow, which is then decorated with dolls and ribbons colored, then it branches break and take home as a talisman. Married couples do Moreno (from old clothing). 19.00 Game, fun, a master class, a doll. A competition for the longest spit. The competition for the best costume. Everyone dressing up in folk costumes. Photoshoot 21.00 the sun — flares up the fire — a symbol of the dying sun. Wheel over the fire. Dances. 00.00 Young girls garlands in the estuary and swim (you can swim to the fire) Married take their wreaths home and hang above the bed (ward family). Blank cast lots and whoever won takes swimming and floating in the depths and leaves it there. Folk ensemble of the village of Marinovka will accompany the play, and perform all ceremonial songs and elements. Embroidered clothes and elements of the national system desired 00.30 — Departure to Odessa 01.30. – arrival in the city. Date: July 6, 2020 Cost: 400-00 Recording and booking of places by phone 0674836334

The poster of the event — Ivana Kupala with a "Rest in glory" in Location