The events in Odessa at 03 July 2020

Bila akacіya • Theater of Litas • Moscow Garden

03 July 2020, 20:00
category: play
from 50 to 200 UAH
place: Summer theatre (Preobrazhenskaya St., 24)

Friends, do not miss the performance of the 74th theatrical season of Odessa Academic Theater of Musical Comedy M. Vodyanoy with a whistle-vizitkoy - operetoy I. Danube "Bila Acacia". Up to 3 sticky notes about 20:00 in the Lithuanian Theater of the Moscow Garden! І. Dunaєvsky Bila akatsіya opereta for 2 P'єsa - V. Mass and M. Chervinsky At rіk its 70th rіchchya Odessa Academic Theater of Musical Comedy M. Vodyanogo represents the legendary operet, the Yula Bula was staged in 1956 in our stage and became a visit card theater. "Bila Akatsiya" for Odessa Musical Comedy - Yak "The Seagull" for the Moscow Art Theater.“The idea of“ Bilogo akatsії ”winik in 1954 rock, as long as I arrived in Odessa. Dunaevsky with libretists Volodimir Mass and Mikhail Chervinsky. “We walked along the streets and the streets,” said I. Grinshpun. - Chi said about the new operetta, you should know the door, de be viduvatisypodiya. The old odesky dvir, bagato susidiv, de all prolonged the excitement and joy, scho vdbuvayutsya in the skin of the motherland ... So people ... "Bila akatsіya." We wondered about the impatience, the fragments of the boulevard “Odessa material” ... From the first days before I arrived in Odessa, I was so welcomed by us, although I would like to dedicate it to the whole city, but it’s a lot of pissed, oviny romance. In Odessa, romance was always awaiting the sea of ​​sailors, and in the 1950s, the main marine heroes were whales of whales. A voyage on a flight and a turn on a flight of the fleet “Glory” was collected at the port and on the Primorsky Boulevard not only relatives and friends, but tens of thousands of spraglichs could beat their own larger species. On the middle of official dates, the boulevards are truly holy. To the very same whalers, the author was viriled by the heroes of the new opereth. " (O. Galyas “Sjodnі i nazavdi”) In 1957 there was a rosti after a whistle of acquisitions of film, such as the 12th bastard of 1958 rooku viišov on the screen, saying that “the theater burst into the lead of its kind of mystery. Mihailo Vodyanyi became Tim, who was called in the old days “public favorite”. And Tisi’s writing about Odesa became a little informal, and on the 25th of sickle 2011, rock became the official song of the city. Tsya pisnya, having been called “made up” with the voice of Ідалії Іваної ... "Legendary is the operetta, the bright storehouse of artists (5 folk artists of Ukraine), the bells and whistles of the music of Isaac Dunavsky and the aromatic fragrance of white music - all of which are worthy of our glances! Quotes here: #music comedy # theater # Odessa # Ukraine # summer theater # gorsad # coronavirus # quarantine #muzkomediya #theatre #odessa #ukraine #coronavirus #quarantine

The poster of the event — Bila akacіya • Theater of Litas • Moscow Garden in Summer theatre