The events in Odessa at 05 July 2020

Argyropulo Jewish

05 July 2020, 16:00
category: tour
from 200 to 250 UAH
place: Location (look in the description)

Every street the old part of Odessa is able vidivici even citizen, on a walk through the Jewish street will look at these architectural treasures: ✔ This house spiral staircases doxa. ✔ This apartment house Anatra with its luxurious interior. ✔ This is one of the oldest tenement houses of Odessa with well-preserved colouring of the yard, and luxurious moldings in the interior. ✔This ladder rare triangular shape.  In the Hebrew we see the work of architects gonsiorovsky, vlodek, Nasirova, Prohaska, Dimitrenko and Rangersa.  To enroll  Early payment Early fee for one of provocante — 200 ₴. Issued by PrivatBank card, details available after registration —  Contribution to the day's outing 250 ₴  Where we come from At the corner Jewish, 58 and Transfiguration. Where we finish On the corner of Jewish and Rope.  Who For understanding of Odessa, walk to the interesting citizens, tourists, volunteers, tour guides, urbanists, designers, architects, photographers.  Who conducts a walk Dmitry Simatai, co-founder of the historic project "Architecture of Odessa", from 2008 examines the architecture of the city, tells her on walks, stories and articles on A walk made Alexander Levitsky, Valentina Demchenko and Dmitry Simatai. Questions answers Valentina's room: +380 63 163 20 09 Come and see!

The poster of the event — Argyropulo Jewish in Location