The events in Odessa at 06 July 2020


06 July 2020, 13:00
category: for children
from 800 to 4300 UAH
place: Art Museum (Sophia, 5A)

Odeskiy art znovu vіdkrivaє litnіy kemp! With 6 sticks of 14 sickles and children, they will not be only small and small, but more familiar with the exposition of Odessa Art. Whatever fate you have chosen to concentrate yourself on a large exposition museum, for a busy day you can make a reservation at a small exhibition and presentation museum. And leave the little coilers of the mystery to read out Shishkina to Aivazovsky, the dads can be left at one time, spend a decile of good birthdays of the sea and dedicate this hour.  The maximum number of participants is 12 years, that’s why the registration є obov’yazkova is ahead: Typical report of the day: 13: 00-13: 20 - Zbori, private participant; 13: 25-14: 05 - excursion to the exposition museum, familiarity with the theme of the day; 14: 10-14: 35 - midday (a snack can be taken with you), dinner, activity of the yard, view, in labyrinth; 14: 40-15: 35 - practical employment: small, small, timidly applied and more; 15: 40-16: 00 - negotiation, closure of material, reflection.  PROGRAM OFAM KIDS CAMP: ✏️ edition No. 1 (6-10 lipnitsa) - “Knowing the Museum of this Exposition”: the history and architecture of the Narishkii Potocki Museum, as well as 120 ancient museums, there are some museum expositions;✏️ edition No. 2 (13-17 lipnya) - “Landscape: silsky, misky, park, marine, industrial”: knowing what kinds of scenery there are rumors about Ivan Aivazovsky, Oleksiya Savrasova, Ivan Shishkina, Isa; ✏️ edition No. 3 (20-24 lipnya) - “Portrait: brief, explaining in the old, group, Rostov”: knowing with different types of portrait image, more detailed creativity of Vasil Tropinіn, Dmitri Levitsky, Valentina Zіdііrovі, Sіdіііііііііііііnі, ; ✏️ circulation number 4 (27-31 lipnies) - “Still life: tea, sea, fruit”: it is a question of a still life in the context of an exposition museum, seeing what you see; ✏️ circulation number 5 (3-7 sickles) - “Abstraction”: it is a question of the main provisions of abstraction, the role of form and color in the directional robot; ✏️ edition No. 6 (sickle 10-14) - “Science Fiction”: inspired by the robots of Mariya Primachenko and a very fantastic place, portraits of some creatures and roslini. DETAILED PROGRAM on leather day check zgodom.  Koli: ponedilok, wednesday, four and p’yatnitsya (Вівторок - вихідний)  Trivalіst: from 13:00 to 16:00  Recommendations from participants: 6 weeks of rock  De: Odessa Art Museum (vul. Sofievska, 5a) АртVartіst of one day (3 years) - 250 UAH. Buy a subscription, up to 27%:  The subscription for a 4-day subscription (museum edition) - 800 UAH.  Vartіst subscription for 8 days (2 museum items) - 1500 UAH.  The subscription for a 12-day subscription (3 museum items) - 2200 UAH. Vartіst subscription for 16 days (4 museum items) - 2900 UAH.  Vartіst subscription for 20 days (5 museum items) - 3600 UAH.  The subscription for a 24-day subscription (6 museum items) - 4300 UAH.  The OFAM Kids Camp program has been broken down by: Anna Petrova - naukova spіvrobіtnitsya Odessa art, cultural expert and artist. Ani є got more robots in children's camps, and with a stretch of three remaining rock won one’s private lessons in foreign art and painting for children.

The poster of the event — OFAM KIDS CAMP in Art Museum