The events in Odessa at 04 July 2020

Eric Hakobyan

04 July 2020, 22:00
category: party
place: Psychological center #neverland (Armeyskaya str, 10)

Hola, amigos! What are you doing on Saturday? What about a couple of great cocktails? Could it be Empanadas pie, Chili con carne soup or some other pearl of Peruvian cuisine? Well, the guest of the evening will be Eric Hakobyan. Without exaggeration - a talented guy who skillfully performs covers for hits of completely different genres from Reggae to Hip-Hop. Author’s songs are also included, because Eric simply can’t leave the audience without his creativity! So - Saturday, evening and you! See you later!

The poster of the event — Eric Hakobyan in Psychological center #neverland