The events in Odessa at 01 July 2020

Meeting with Ilya Kolmanovsky

01 July 2020, 19:00
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The coolest thing happened in the world of science this year. 01.07.2020, 19.00. Free. Link to the stream will appear here: We invite you to an online meeting with Ilya Kolmanovsky! Registration: #Who is this? Ilya Kolmanovsky – Russian scientist, candidate of biological Sciences, scientific journalist, editor. Scientific articles of Kolmanovsky published in journals Gala, Men's Health, The New Times, the "Big city", the newspaper "Vedomosti". And his lectures gather halls in Moscow, St. Petersburg and London. But first and foremost he is known as author of popular science and educational programmes, blogs and podcasts. Fresh facts from biology, genetics, anthropology and medicine he sets out in simple and fascinating language, making high science a little closer to us all. More about Ilya and his work you can find in this event, where we'll post the materials for review. #Why are we doing this meeting? We regularly organize such events, we invite talented people who are outstanding in their field. Those who have eyes and who can tell and show something interesting. In this case, the event will be held in an online format, which means that really anyone can join in and learn something new with us. All these lectures are part of our educational project Andersen Talks. Nobel laureate, iconic actor, extravagant critic, the former head of state - a list of our guests is extensive, and the topics of their presentations exciting. Recordings of past lectures can be found here: #Why would you do that? Every day in the world of science occur a startling discovery. About some you will never know others will take for fake, and the third comes only in a distorted form. How all this to understand how to be knowledgeable person and how to understand, in what direction it is changing our world? Ilya Kolmanovsky took on this difficult mission! He gathered the brightest and most significant science news over the year to just and be able to present them to us. New lectures: - As a person with a chip in his head hooked up a new feature, on which he did not expect. - What do you think biologists about the version escaped from the laboratory of the coronavirus. What have we learned about the virus researchers and what mysteries are fighting right now. How the Swedish scientist found a super-dangerous bacteria, while in India, although they crept up to the people in China, USA and Italy. And where does the Portuguese dog and your transplant hip joint. - As in our body remains healthy and young version of ourselves – and how scientists hope to learn how to roll to her when it's time. - Discuss the rewrite of the first man-cyborg. - Six 3D printers has saved hundreds of lives in Lombardy. - Secrets of the glowing plants and more. #Are you in business? Subscribe to the event and fill in the registration form. Two days before the meeting at that email you will receive credentials to access the stream. And go to our telegram group: This is where you can learn the latest information about our events, to communicate directly with the organizers and regulars at our events.