The events in Odessa at 01 July 2020

Channels joke robots and self-presentation

01 July 2020, 18:00
category: online
place: Educational space "Rehab" (lane Vice Admiral Zhukov, 17/19)

In difficult for the market hours, you need to be as deaf and competitive as possible. Schob to know a good robot and get involved in it, warto nobility deyakі trends and life hacks. Discard ix 1 lipnya on an online lecture in TseHAB! ⠀  In efirі will be representatives of DOPOMOGA Ukraine company, engage in staff training for national and international corporations, give car consultancy consultancy for 1994 robotics. ⠀  Katerina Skibska - general director  Olga Shedenko - Kerivnitsya for recruiting ⠀ Talk about scho: ⠀  De shukati to the robot in the minds of crisis  How to present yourself and your own professional skills  Scho kazati і pokazuvati pid hour spіvbesіdi  Yakі power need to put on spіvbesіdі  About right now you can spider robotics ⠀ Lecture go through the online format. For half a year before the cob, you will send to your post a message for live broadcasting. ⠀ ⏰ 1 sickle (Wednesday) from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.  Broadcasting without translation: ⠀ Spread no corinthians come in that is newer, subscribe to the Tsekhab Telegram channel:

The poster of the event — Channels joke robots and self-presentation in Educational space "Rehab"