The events in Odessa at 01 July 2020

The game "Sherlock 3 top secret" (8-16 years)

01 July 2020, 17:00
category: for children
place: Psychological center "Mriya" (Gagarin plateau 5A (Bldg. 2))

1.07 17: 00 類 SHERLOK 3 TOTALLY SECRET Participants will understand a very unusual case. Has an alien mind visited our planet? They will come across convincing evidence (photographs, sound recordings, videos, satellite geolocations, microscopic objects and organisms).  What will the children do during the quest? 1. To study visual, auditory and sensory evidence. 2. Get acquainted with natural and physiological illusions. 3. Search for evidence working with a modern microscope. 4. Solve puzzles, hidden messages.  Purpose: to intentionally convince the authenticity of the existence of an alien intervention, and then prove and disprove it using scientific methods. Age 8-16 years old duration 1.5 hours 067-709-14-50

The poster of the event — The game "Sherlock 3 top secret" (8-16 years) in Psychological center "Mriya"