The events in Odessa at 04 July 2020

With Alexander Rovny we learn "Addresses of Love"

04 July 2020, 16:30
category: tour
from 200 to 550 UAH
place: Soborna square (the entrance of the Transfiguration Cathedral)

"... In what years does the heart cry better? Alas, of course, at the end of days ... Love is a mystery how it fools. There will not be enough life to understand it ..." (E. Ryazanov) ⠀ No matter how much love is written, each new story will sound in a new way! Names familiar and unfamiliar, addresses known and unknown, beautiful poems and Odessa - verily, a city of love! ⠀ All this in the author’s evening excursion from Alexander Rovny, “Address of Love”, which will take place on July 4. ❤️ ⠀ We invite you to spend Saturday night with us, to find out where the famous inhabitants of Odessa made vows and promises. What were women inspiring men to do crazy things?  ⠀ And then discuss all this at a real Odessa Sabantui!  ⠀ The beginning is at 16:30. ⠀ Start - at the cathedral on Cathedral Square. ⠀ Cost - 550 hryvnia. ⠀ Excursion and Sabantuy can be purchased separately  ⠀ ❗️The cost of the tour is 200 hryvnias. ❗️ The cost of Sabantuy is 450 hryvnias. ⠀ We accept applications by number +38 (050) 50-111-40 

The poster of the event — With Alexander Rovny we learn "Addresses of Love" in Soborna square