The events in Odessa at 03 July 2020

A Citizen Of Jerusalem Artichoke

03 July 2020, 21:30
category: party
from 0 to 100 UAH
place: True man Hot Boat (Dolphin beach)

On 3 July [patica] || club TRUE MAN HOT BOAT A surge of intelligent outrage and avant-garde identity in a fiery speech VIA CITIZEN ARTICHOKE! CITIZEN TOPINAMBUR – team is unique in many ways. Despite the flattering comparisons with the giants of the music scene, they manage to retain an element of andegraundnogo playing popular in all senses of the word music. The atmosphere is a theatrical mess wandering from concert to concert, for a long time turning the group into a phenomenon on a national scale. BEGINNING AT 21:30 ENTRANCE 100 UAH Entrance bike/Moto: free FC | DC | 18+ Please bring a document proving your age

The poster of the event — A Citizen Of Jerusalem Artichoke in True man Hot Boat