The events in Odessa at 15 August 2020

Project Yuri Severina "Black mirror"

15 August 2020, 11:00
category: exhibition
from 50 to 100 UAH
place: Art Museum (Sophia, 5A)

Yuri Severin significant artist of contemporary Ukrainian art scene. Over the years, he realized many personal exhibitions and participated in group proktah presented in a landmark exhibition in Ukraine. Resonant exhibitions were held, in particular, in the exhibition halls of the National Museum "Kiev art gallery", Museum of Odessa modern art and Bereznitsky Private Space. Yuri Severin participated in the main and parallel proktah Kyiv Art Week, in proktah Burn Babylon (GOGOLFEST) and "Madasalin" the National center "Ukrainian house", where were also presented the works of such influential Ukrainian postmodernists, as Arsen Savadov, Oleksandr Gnilitsky, and others. The artist's works are in private collections of Ukraine, in the collection of the Foundation "Isolation" belonging to the members of the club of collectors of contemporary art of Ukraine and are in the collections of several museums of Ukraine and in private Western collections. "The artist is in a state of mutually exclusive and intense mental experiences. His way is "Black mirror" new information technologies. It attracts, but also scares and repels — it is the fear of chaos and unpredictability. Yuri Severin trying to call a spade a spade and exposes those wounds. "What's the time?" the main issue that bothers the author. "And there are still people like me that just painful to blink and disappearance of meanings and images?" — work Severina about finding empathy and understanding. He, like all of us, have to live in the permanent information of injuries and attacks. But he did not hesitate in sharing their unique experience of survival through the looking glass — is a Frank conversation about the meaning of his and our lives..." (Ludmila Bereznitsky, curator of the exhibition project) "For me personally, Yuri Severin is one of the most significant, interesting and pleasant discoveries in young Ukrainian art of the last years. He combines virtuosity and paradoxical view of the world. It immerses the viewer in a total psychedelic hallucination, invites to walks metaphysical spaces of their own and the collective unconscious. He works with stereotypes of mass culture and Museum classics. It is both a computer game and an Opera performance, and Gothic Noir, and steampunk. It is beyond the space-time continuum and rebellion against the anatomy, that is fate." I love the palette Severina — ascetic, rude and refined. His picturesque speech refers to the "warm tube" black-and-white cinema, comics, pin-APU and the latest radical figurative art. I have the honour to acquaint with the work of Yuri Severina Odessa public. Have no doubt that she will find in Odessa their fans." (Alexander Roitburd, the Director of the Odessa Museum of art) "I was always interested in human oddities. Why smart people act contradictory, losing moral principles? A rhetorical question... But I try to answer in their works. "Emotions" and "rational" are constantly in conflict and interpenetration. My work is about the complexity of life, although their goal is to defuse the situation, to give hope for humans", stresses the artist Yuri Severin. The project is supported by the Basic Art Foundation and will run in the Odessa art Museum from 24 July until 24 August 2020.  Where: Odessa art Museum (vul. Sophia, 5A)  When: opens at 17:00, 24 July — 24 Aug 2020  Tickets: 100/50 UAH, entrance to the opening free. See you at the Museum!

The poster of the event — Project Yuri Severina "Black mirror" in Art Museum