The events in Odessa at 15 August 2020

Go to the Odessa planetarium

15 August 2020, 20:00
category: tour
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⭐Now until the end of October watching the parade of the planets!⭐app ⭐This, we have built a planetarium in which you can clearly demonstrate the movement of the stars in orbit. ⭐Lot to answer difficult questions on a spherical dome now is helping us a powerful planetarium projector! ⭐Lot of miracles are not over, and we have something to tell you! ⭐This event consists of three parts. 30 minute tour of the starry sky in the planetarium 30 minute lecture on the origin of the universe 30 minutes viewing the stars with a telescope eyepiece Someone would think it's romantic, and someone will feel like a sea wolf, looking out for polar star! For further details, please call: 0632607161

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