The events in Odessa at 15 August 2020

Festival of Odessa song "For all Odessa" / Felix Shinder

15 August 2020, 19:40
category: concert
from 250 to 750 UAH
place: Summer theater "the terminal" (Primorskaya street, 6)

On August 15, in the Summer Theater "Morvokzal" there will be an ots tots pervert and a little musical hipish in Odessa ⠀ Big Gala Concert and Closing of the First International Festival of Odessa Song "For All Odessa!" we will spend noisy and very sincerely in the company of our favorite artists - Slava Blagov, Sergey Makarenko, Tatyana Amirova, Garik Krichevsky, Valentin Kuba and many others ⠀ The headliner of the festival is Felix Shinder and the music cooperative "Money Forward!" - the guys from whom the whole Moldovan woman cries, in the good sense of the wordAs they themselves promised: "There will be a holiday without a fight, but with shine!" ⠀ We sing, dance, enjoy the atmosphere of that very Odessa, which Ilf and Petrov, Leonid Utyosov and Mark Bernes sang, and most importantly, we love Mama - Odessa-Mama Мам ⠀ It costs money, but you won't mind ⠀ Ours with a brush, gentlemen госп

The poster of the event — Festival of Odessa song "For all Odessa" / Felix Shinder in Summer theater "the terminal"