The events in Odessa at 15 August 2020

Seaside love. Excursion by Olga Potekhina

15 August 2020, 10:00
category: tour
150 UAH
place: Location (look in the description)

Boulevard Primorsky was in bloom, and continues to be! Love stories are always blooming here. Whose passions "made a career" Sarah Bernhardt, whose jealous resentment against Pushkin turned out to be fatal for the poet, what about Richelieu's personal life, how to create an American fairy tale, escape from slavery, refuse Mayakovsky, get a talisman ring, build a harem, and where are those cherries on cake at Chekhov's? Let's not forget about bread and gold, pancakes and oil paintings from seascape to impressionist - we will embrace love in Odessa in all its forms and manifestations! We play Odessa novels on a pleasant promenade along the boulevard - even two, including part of Zhvanetsky Boulevard.  Date and time: August 15 at 10:00 Type: Pedestrian Guide: Olga Potekhina  Meeting point: Primorsky Boulevard, near the old plane tree near the Pushkin monument  Tour cost - 150 UAH Friends, preliminary registration for this excursion is required!  Phone for registration +380676540205. We are waiting for you to fall in love with Odessa together again! 

The poster of the event — Seaside love. Excursion by Olga Potekhina in Location