The events in Odessa at 15 August 2020

Women's practices with Love

15 August 2020, 09:00
category: group training
place: Yoga Studio "Anahata" (LM rainbow, 16/1)

How long have you been paying attention to yourself?  Constantly spending our strength and time on others, spending our energy, we do not have time to replenish its reserves, and as a result we often feel exhausted and empty, irritated and tired. But you really want to be satisfied, relaxed, sexy, fulfilled, creative, attractive, confident, loved and happy. In the modern world, a woman often takes on male functions - she earns money, makes key decisions, is responsible for the family. As a result, the chakras are unbalanced and the energy in the female body begins to move in the male pattern. What to do? Women's practices are a whole system of exercises that allow you to be filled with feminine energy, to accumulate, keep and transform into desired things.  Through work with the psyche and body, women's practices restore the balance of energies, help a woman to connect with her feminine essence. And a high level of female energy allows you to improve family relationships, attract a suitable man, new opportunities, money, happy events. Classes can be held in groups or individually. Women's practices with Love Tue, Thu 18-30 and Sat 9-00 Sign up for classes with Love  Your #yogastudio_anahata  073-066-2361 (life), 066-680-95-60 (vodafone)

The poster of the event — Women's practices with Love in Yoga Studio "Anahata"