The events in Odessa at 19 August 2020

Rugrats. MK for thinking parents

19 August 2020, 18:30
category: online
from 300 to 500 UAH
place: School Profiling “Profiling Club” (St. Pasteur, 56)

Look at your child from the outside. Find out his character. Perhaps he is just your reflection and for this reason it is so difficult for you with him? Perhaps the child is very different from you, and you do not understand why this happened? Perhaps you have tried all the parenting methods? Of course, you know more about your child than anyone else. However, there may be behaviors in your children that: - You do not like; - "scares" you; - is not approved by you; - unexpectedly unpleasant for you; - it is impossible to predict. There can be a lot of explanations for this, but they are not always correct. Define your child's personality with profiling tools! Profiling is a set of psychological techniques and techniques for assessing and predicting human behavior. And the child, including, the character of the child can be typed from 1 year YOU WILL LEARN: - Understand the strengths and weaknesses of your child's character. - Predict emotional swings. - Know what he "hears" and what he ignores - Make demands that the child CAN meet. Being a parent of the 21st century is not easy. Being a knowledgeable parent is great! Just call: 050 333 48 48 Irina Stamati Time: 18:30 - 21:30 Cost: Online participation 300 UAH Recording MK 300 Participation + registration 500 UAH

The poster of the event — Rugrats. MK for thinking parents in School Profiling “Profiling Club”