The events in Odessa at 18 October 2020

Color excursions / Yulia Bogacheva "Chorniy"

18 October 2020, 16:00
category: tour
from 50 to 100 UAH
place: Art Museum (Sophia, 5A)

‼ ️ Through the continued adaptive quarantine in Ukraine and the growing number of ailments on COVID-19, we have completed all the winter excursions. It will be updated as soon as all the quarantines will be taken into account. ___________________________________________________________________________ We will ask you about 16:00 on color excursions from our scientific sportsmen! Every once in a while, the picture was “read” through the color - without the medium on the plot, or the author's biography, there will be a visual eye, as for whom the artist works with a specific color. For example, all know the creators of this painting "Buzok" about Kiriak Kostandi's placement to the bouzouk color. However, there is little hto hto, why should one use the formula "green-buzkovy" or "green-violet". I don’t transfer wines on my paintings, I don’t transfer them, but behind an additional bouzouk color. A course for those quiet who already know about our exposition and would like to take a look at the already known robots with a new cut, learn more about the colors, the symbolism of colors, about those who play the role of colors in the context of the artist єdnan.  De: Odessa Art Museum (st. Sofiyivska, 5a)  If: generous, additional distribution of lectures below   Hour: 16: 00-17: 00  Part: 100 UAH, pіlgova - 50 UAH ROZKLAD EXKURSII: ✔️ 6 Veresnya - Anna Petrova "Orange" ✔️ 13 Veresnya - Vira Fenelonova "Rozheviy" ✔️ 20 Veresnya - Yulia Bogacheva "Chorniy" ✔️ 27 Veresnya - Tetiana Mazur "Zhovtiy"Until the show in Odessa Artistic!

The poster of the event — Color excursions / Yulia Bogacheva "Chorniy" in Art Museum