The events in Odessa at 18 October 2020

Red city

18 October 2020, 19:00
category: play
from 180 to 350 UAH
place: Theatre "House of clowns" (St. Olgievskoy, 23)

"RED CITY" No onomu city in the world expressed so ardent and sincere confessions of love! Any city in the world dedicated, not folded, not sung as many songs as they dedicated to Odessa. The play based on stories by G. A. Golubenko "Red City" is another tender, touching, magical recognition! And, at the same time - a light, naive, boyish hooliganism, its stunning brightness, richness, wit and intelligence. Tickets (180-350 UAH). you can buy: a) in the House of clowns, phone (048) 723-63-16 b) online: in) Who are we - the inhabitants of Odessa? What are we? What is this nation, this reckless and crazy and so talented, scattered around the globe? Where in the us this sunshine and eternal optimism? And a sadness of nostalgia for the good yesterday's reality, when the trees were large and the grass is bright green... And all breathed warmth. Nostalgia not salami two and twenty, and fruit ice cream for 7 cents. Not for gas devices with water syrup. Nostalgia for kindness, sincerity, irony people around us, the humanity and optimism that accompanies each story of George Andreevich. "... and therefore cease to say that the real Odessa no longer exists. Yes, it is for his two hundred plus years was dying repeatedly. But her entire focus, my dear, lies in the fact that she is always reborn at least once more often than dying!" George A. Golubenko • Author: Georgy Golubenko • In the role of Odessa – Boris Barsky • Video mapping – Vlad Pecherskiy • Sound Engineer – Yuriy Savchenko • Master of the world: Sergey Zakharov

The poster of the event — Red city in Theatre "House of clowns"