The events in Odessa at 18 October 2020

Training "First aid in the workplace"

18 October 2020, 10:00
category: seminar/training
place: The Centre Of Special Training (St. Composer Nishchinsky, 28)

Unfortunately, today, statistics of accidents show that the labor safety system in Ukraine requires additional attention from both employers and employees: over the past decade, more than 125,000 employees were injured annually with almost 3,000 death rates. In accordance with the current legislation (Art. 173 of the Labor Protection Code, Art. 9 of the Law "On Labor Protection"), the employer is directly responsible for injuries and deaths of workers in the workplace and must provide specialized education focused on the provision of first medical aid (Art. 153 of the Labor Protection Code, article 18 of the Law "On Labor Protection"). You will gain vital knowledge based on real-life scenarios. The SAR Training Center offers you a First Aid at Work training or training program for your organization's staff. The training plan is drawn up in accordance with the training program for the first premedical care of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. To effectively study theory and practice practical skills, the training uses specialized mannequin equipment, visual aids, video materials, simulation wounds and blood. Program: 1. Legal aspects of first aid provision; 2. Assessment of the scene and personal safety; 3. The initial algorithm of actions in the provision of the first pre-medical help; 4.Algorithm for cardiopulmonary resuscitation;5 wounds and bleeding: ways to stop life-threatening bleeding; 6.Specialized examination of the injured person trauma examination; 7 cervical spine injury, signs, practice and features of immobilization; 8. Electrical trauma, bruises, dislocations, sprains; 9.Fractures of limb bones, transport immobilization; 10. Basics of evacuation of the victim); 11. Simulation scenarios. The result of the participants after completing the program: Learn modern algorithms and international standards for first aid. Together with the instructors, they will work out all the skills in practice, using specialized dummy equipment. They will become participants in simulation situations where it will be necessary not only to show the correct practice of skills, but also to be able to work harmoniously in a team. They will receive certificates confirming the acquisition of the relevant skills. Details and cost: +38 097 80-80-884 For corporate clients: +38 050 01-43-423

The poster of the event — Training "First aid in the workplace" in The Centre Of Special Training