The events in Odessa at 19 October 2020

Monday with Ostrovsky / Color magician Titian

19 October 2020, 19:00
category: lecture
from 400 to 480 UAH
place: The Agency experiences Odessa Factory Group (Preobrazhenskaya St., 11)

Meetings with Vladimir Ostrovsky are held in several formats:  Large lectures  Walking excursions in Odessa  Travel  Chamber meetings "Monday with Ostrovsky" We will talk about the latter today. ❓ How are meetings on Mondays different from regular lectures? These evenings are held in an unusual format. We call this augmented reality. Ladies of the era of Giovanni Boldini slowly walk through the hall and chat with guests, but a specially invited sommelier tells us about life in the Austrian Empire of the empire of the late 19th century at an evening dedicated to Klimt. Or Vladimir Ostrovsky talks about the history of fashion, and the perfumer talks about smells, and all this is accompanied by a special aromatic cannon, which sprays into the space the aroma of patchouli or the smells that Cleopatra preferred. Meetings on Mondays are meetings that involve all 5 human senses! ❓Where do they go? Always in the most Odessa living room on Preobrazhenskaya, 11 ❓What else? Meetings on Mondays are always held in the format of a friendly evening in a chamber atmosphere, so there are drinks and treats on the tables, and during the evening you can ask a question or even argue with the Maestro!  Or participate in a real auction and leave with a souvenir! We present to you the October meeting cycle: THREE HIGH RENEWAL TITANIUM 5.10 Divine RaphaelIn his canvases, as in a mirror, the ideals of the Renaissance were reflected. The world became kinder and cleaner when the eyes of Raphael's Madonnas - Sistine, Conestabile, Pasadena, Orleans - looked at it. Registration link: 12.10 Michelangelo's Furious Dramatic halftones and expressive figures, elaborate plots and skillful technique ... Forget everything you knew about Michelangelo and discover his work from a new angle. Registration link: 19.10 Color magician Titian Titian attached importance to shades of color, their mixing, smooth or contrasting transitions. With the help of jewelry work with flowers, the master conveyed what he wanted to tell the viewer: the emotions of the people depicted, the weather, the mood of the plot of the paintings. Registration link: We have prepared season tickets for these meetings! When registering for 3 events, the cost will be 400 hryvnia per meeting instead of 480 hryvnia. Fill out the forms, write to us in Direct Messages or write in the comments which meeting you would like to attend. See you soon!

The poster of the event — Monday with Ostrovsky / Color magician Titian in The Agency experiences Odessa Factory Group