The events in Odessa at 24 October 2020

Basic intensive course of Thai massage

24 October 2020, 10:00
category: seminar/training
place: Yoga Studio IYoga Studio (st. Black Sea Cossacks, 2)

We invite you to the basic course of Thai massage for beginners and who want to deepen their knowledge with a leading teacher in this field! 2️⃣ days of intensive on October 24-25 Mikhail Shargorodsky will share the quintessence of personal experience of taking 15 courses of Thai massage with 11 different most famous masters of Thailand, Laos, Spain and Ukraine. ✨ You will get the maximum number of theoretical and practical skills: ☝️ master the basic techniques of working with all parts of the body, paying special attention to the most problematic areas (shoulders, neck, buttocks, hips); ☝️ get to know the basic tools of a Thai massage master: palm, thumb, elbow, knee, pelvis; ☝️ learn to work with weights and relax as much as possible during work.  First day - introduction to practice, worldview foundations of Thai massage, principles of starting a session, work in the position of the client lying on his back: legs, torso, arms.  Second day - the position of the client sitting (shoulders) and lying on his stomach (legs, buttocks, back), massage of the neck and head in the supine position, principles of the session completion. ✨ Theory (the basics of Thai anatomy, principles of work) will be revealed as you work on the technique. The techniques are selected in such a way that one and a half hour massage can be composed of them with the study of the most common problem areas. About the teacher: ‍♂️Mikhail Shargorodsky - teachers of Zoltan Gyorgyovics (Hungary), Pichest Bounthumme (Thailand), Pau Castellsague (Spain), Andrea Baglioni (Italy), Igor Chus (Ukraine). Total training hours are about 1000. Organizer of Le Tai - The First Ukrainian Festival of Thai Massage, Zozo in UA - Thai Massage Summer School and other educational projects in Thai massage

The poster of the event — Basic intensive course of Thai massage in Yoga Studio IYoga Studio