The events in Odessa at 18 October 2020

Transformation game "On: Off"

18 October 2020, 14:00
category: seminar/training
1508 UAH
place: Ayurvedic Spa "Shanti" (Sadovaya street, 16)

There are many ways to identify limiting issues. One of them is transformational games - a way that helps not only to see the obstacles on the way to achieving the goal, but to live and overcome them. Working in a transformational game is like a familiar board game - several participants take steps across the field, complete assignments and answer questions. The differences are manifested in the essence of the process - it is therapeutic and takes place under the guidance of a specialist. Transformations occur due to immersion in a relaxed state, when the mechanisms of control and protection are removed. All this makes it easy to embed the experience lived in the process of transformational play into real life. We invite you to take part in the “On: Off” Transformation Game on October 18 at 14.00. During the game, 12 goals will be set, 12 areas of life will be affected, and you will find a great motivating tool that will give energy to implement your plans and tasks. "On: Off" will create a real picture of events, show the potential field and the real one. Thanks to her, it will be possible to adjust the planning, make it clearer. What skills will be developed during the Game? - the ability to track changes in the event space: you are in contact with the world and notice its signals - deliberate reactions to situations: to join the situation or get out of it - high speed of adaptation to changes: if circumstances change, then you competently reallocate resources and rebuild plans- relaxation and trust in what is happening, relying on yourself Game author and host: Evgenia Shatunova Creator of the most popular transformational Games / Online; speaker of international festivals, Game therapist, coach, systems constellator, art therapist, author and training coach of numerous games, methods and programs for the development of Game Consciousness 14,000+ clients worldwide The T-Game Ambassador since 2011 Founder of GMG / Game Master Group. Games that change lives " President of the International Federation of Game Masters and Authors (IFGMA) Founder of the International School of T-Game Masters Author and organizer of the first online festival of transformation games "Fishka" We are waiting for you on October 18 at the address: Sadovaya, 16 Time: 14.00 - 20.00 Cost - 1508 UAH. on a prepaid basis, pre-registration is required, the number of seats is limited Pre-registration is required at the link: Recording by phone: 067 911 52 22 068 978 12 30 Love, Shanti

The poster of the event — Transformation game "On: Off" in Ayurvedic Spa "Shanti"