The events in Odessa at 23 October 2020

Existential birth experience

23 October 2020, 11:00
category: seminar/training
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Author's course. An existential birth experience. We invite students of educational programs to the group 1st and 2nd stages, as well as everyone who is interested in this topic. The condition for passing the group is the presence of personal therapy. ---------- Group hours count towards certification as 30 therapy group hours. ---------- EXISTENTIAL EXPERIENCE OF BIRTH - the territory of meeting with ourselves, when we still did not have words. The history of a person in pre-verbal development lays an emotional and bodily imprint on how we respond in adulthood. The bodily memory stores this information and reproduces it under suitable conditions (severe stress, crises, threats to life). If in early experience there are vital threats (severe toxicosis, risk of termination of pregnancy, infection, obstruction of labor) or survival (emotional or physical alienation), then in situations of adult life that resemble such a threat, emotional and motor reactions from the early experience (freezing, respiratory arrest, dissociation, horror).And often the verbal way of working with such reactions is not able to change or alleviate these conditions. For this purpose, specially created safe conditions of smooth regression, it becomes possible to meet and live bodily sensations, images and emotions from primary experience. This, in turn, makes it possible to find other ways of bodily strategies in a difficult situation, integrate them and get a different pattern of stability, give your own meaning to the story of your birth, which further affects the feeling of your place, your activity and the experience of overcoming difficult situations in life. ---------- Leading: Tadyka Ekaterina, associate trainer of OCPAI, doctor. Work experience since 2005. Leading therapeutic, supervisory, training groups, author's courses. Prof. interests: psychosomatics, body-oriented approach, long-term psychotherapy. Specializations: Crises and Trauma, Body-Oriented Approach in Gestalt Therapy, Existential Dimension in Gestalt Therapy. Kulchitskaya Maria, clinical psychologist, accredited gestalt therapist, supervisor of the OCPAI. Leading training programs "Theory and Practice of Gestalt Therapy". Experience since 2009 with children, adolescents and adults in an individual and group format. Specializations: Gestalt approach to working with children and family, clinical approach to Gestalt therapy, psychosomatics. ---------- Attention! The number of places is limited (no more than 14 people). Please register and pay the advance payment IN ADVANCE. Participation fee for three days is $ 140.---------- QUESTIONS, CLARIFICATIONS 050 521 97 85 Maria Be sure to press GO / I AM INTERESTED to keep abreast of the news of the event!

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