The events in Odessa at 24 October 2020

Lipovan weekend "Generous" gastro-eco-ethno tour

24 October 2020, 07:00
category: tour
from 1075 to 1400 UAH
place: Location (specified when registering)

(Primorskoe - Vilkovo - 1 day) ✈️ Travel store "Let's go" invites you to  Lipovansky weekend - gastro-eco-ethno tour  燎 ⠀ Primorskoe - Vilkovo - 1 day. Generous all inclusive !!! ⠀ ⏰ 7:15 Gathering the group at the railway station (McDonald's) ⏰ 7:30 Departure from Odessa ⠀ ⏰ 10:30 Arrival in the village of Primorskoe  Receives "Brynzarnya" Contact  farm, authentic rural hospitable atmosphere, wreaths with wild евых flowers, a REAL hayloft! Aperitif - cool Novak and cheese. Free time - you can take bicycles  and wind to the unexplored secluded sea beaches, return to the hayloft and continue the photo session, sit in the gazebo and have a snack  with homework lovingly collected for the journey. ⠀ ⏰ 13:00 Arrival in Vilkovo, Visit to a private  collection of old Believers' antique utensils ⠀ ⏰ 14:00 Boating , we are also waiting for the open waters of the Danube, where the Romanian border is visible, and the shallow channels washing the islands - Vilkovo streets. Visiting the Lipovan family, getting to know their way of life. Tasting of currant  wine. ⠀ ⏰ 16:00 Lunch at the camping  on the river bank: ~ borscht Nastorchak cooked over a fire with fried catfish, ~ salted and smoked dunaichka, ~ seasonal grilled fish, ~ baked potatoes 凜 菱 ~ vegetables, ~ welcoming portion of wine ~ Aunt Katina's “sweethearts” 怒 and herbal tea ☕️ from a samovar that smelled like a fire. ⠀ ⏰ 17:30 Free time at the campsite, you can: play volleyball lie on a sun lounger  go kayaking ‍♂️ swim in the river ‍♂️ fish (there is a fishing rod, tackle and bait)  there is even a personal fishing trainer! ⠀ ⏰ 19:00 Departure to Odessa ⏰ 22:00 Arrival in Odessa ⠀ Tour cost Стоимость: 1400 UAH / adult 1075 UAH / child (7-12 years old) ⠀ The price  includes: Excursion, aperitif and stay at Brynzarna, boat rental, visiting a Lipovan family, tickets to Rybak's house, camping, medical insurance, travel from Odessa along the entire route, excursion support for everything  Call us at the number and GO for our weekend 朗 ☎️ 048-777-333-6 ...... 099-720-001-5

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