The events in Odessa at 18 October 2020

Samadeva Yoga Regular Practice

18 October 2020, 11:30
category: group training
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5 Levels of Samadeva Yoga The practice of Samadeva Yoga is, to begin with, a physical practice that gives flexibility to the spine and joints, and tone all muscles. But it also has another property: it allows energy to circulate, releasing blocks, including physical ones. This is the second level: life energy flows much better. Therefore, we can say that Samadeva Yoga is an energetic technique, because it allows you to release energy wherever it is blocked and attract not only life force, but also any energies that exist around us. Then we realize that we have more flexibility in relationships with other people, because when the energy moves in us correctly, we do not get stuck in ossified thoughts, internal considerations or negative emotions at the psyche level: everything moves. Through this physical, energetic and mental balance, we naturally improve our relationships with others. Therefore, some people think that Samadeva Yoga is a systemic technique for family systems and even businesses. Some also say that through the awareness, presence, attention that is mobilized through Samadeva Yoga, we develop consciousness and evolve spiritually. Thus, Samadeva Yoga is considered a truly spiritual practice!But this requires adherence to sadhana, discipline: not just three times a day to practice the "euphonic minute of health" or ten minutes of the main Arcana (although at the beginning it is good to do at least this minimum) it is necessary to practice the Euphony of Samadev's gestures at least an hour a day. ❤️One hour a day really pays off! The course is taught by Maria Dolgova 0679077094 Samadeva Odessa

The poster of the event — Samadeva Yoga Regular Practice in Location