The events in Odessa at 19 October 2020

Peresip - transport to the harbor of Suvorovskiy district

19 October 2020, 18:30
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Peresip - "head entrance" to one of the most important districts of Odessa - Selishcha Kotovsky. Denmark transport higher education institution connected residents of the Suvoriv district with the other parts of the city. Bagato rokiv tsei district of Odessa is namagayut bypass and ob'izhzhati yakomoga shvidshe. Chi є Possibility of zrobiti Peresip addicted to the current realities? Rishennya know a specialist in transport and infrastructure, a specialist in the company "Duke Active", a candidate for the deputy of Odessa City for the sake of - Volodymyr Babilunga. October 19 about 18:30 author of the project: ✅ Development about the possibilities, which can be realized for the development of Peresyp for the year; ✅ Explain, how the founders of this project can save money often and you can travel from the village of Kotovsky to the center of the place for 30 khvili; ✅ Analyze within the framework of the government project and explain the adaptability of the transport university Peresyp and the change in the history of the city's transport. Restratsіya obov'yazkov for posilannyam⬇️ Until the show in "Ze! HUB" 19 January from 18: 30 ✅Odesa, st. Rishelєvska, 33, 4 on top

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