The events in Odessa at 22 November 2020

Prem'єra! Supper in Sanlisi

22 November 2020, 19:00
category: play
from 40 to 200 UAH
place: Ukrainian theater (street Pasteur, 15)

On the stage of the Ukrainian Theater, the premiere of the play "Dinner at Senlis"! The lyrical and ironic comedy "Supper at Senlis" was written back in 1936, but is still relevant. And not to lose relevance as long as humanity continues to dream about one thing, and live differently, often doing nothing in order to change its being and bring it as close as possible to its own ideal. For now, let's pretend that we are now writing a draft, and write cleanly sometime later. Will it come later someday? .. Do we have enough courage to put an end to it and turn a page that does not suit us?The main character - Georges - is the only son in the family, but there is no understanding and closeness with his parents. They are sybarites, spoiled by luxury, which they never knew how to earn, frivolous spenders who never lived exclusively on their own funds. Every rentier lives his own life. The father is a dandy and idiot, the mother is an extravagant fashionista, whose efforts are directed primarily towards preserving youth and "keeping the bar" in front of her friends. Georges also has a friend Robert, who lives with his wife in his own house, and also considers himself part of the family. Robert is a parasite and impudent, a cynic who knows about the intimate relationship between his wife and Georges, but continues to make a blind person, justifying his existence by life circumstances. The "family" convinced Georges to marry a woman he did not love, and forces Georges to remain in the hated marriage, since it is his wife, Henriette, who keeps the whole crowd in luxury. Will Georges have enough determination to change anything in his life? Director Irina Zilberman: “For me, this play is primarily about choice. And how difficult it is to make this choice. A choice between the hypocritical luxury life in Paris, and the sincere everyday life in the provinces. On the choice between bad, but so familiar and familiar, and perhaps nab Agatha is the best, but unknown and probable. The performance features live music performed by a trio (clarinet, accordion and violin), which helps to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of France in the thirties. XX century. The performance is aesthetic: beautiful actors, exquisite costumes, atmospheric music ..

The poster of the event — Prem'єra! Supper in Sanlisi in Ukrainian theater