The events in Odessa at 27 November 2020

Biokinetics Course 1

27 November 2020, 10:00
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1 seminar - technological Study: This workshop aims to: 1. Study of the principles of Biokinetics 2. What is different from Biomechanics 2.Explanations of special methods of diagnosis and correction of disorders of the central nervous system 3.Using a liquid and fluid body, as the vital activity of any tissue. Knowledge of the fluid body. 4. Development of Perception of fluid movement towards internal tissue mobility. Learn to perceptually sense and diagnose tissue. 5. 3 biokinetic working models of correction and practice with them. 6. Study and understanding of what is currently happening in the body, knowledge about fluids and waves. 7. Practice of identifying the cause of dysfunction and its correction by three techniques  The seminar is conducted by Tatiana Ilyicheva, a neurologist of the highest category. Pupil Yu.V. Shishmakova Address of the event South city, hotel Hellas conference hall The cost of the seminar is prepaid until 02.11.2020 - 350 dollars, eq The cost of the seminar is prepaid until 11.11. -360 dollars, eq Seminar cost - 370 dollars, eq Organizer Ella Korobeinikova 0682625740 To register for the seminar, you must make an advance payment of UAH 2,500 to the Privat card 4149 4393 0093 1536 After send a photo of payment.

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