The events in Odessa at 28 November 2020

Biochemistry Detox 1

28 November 2020, 10:00
category: the courses
place: ELKOR clinic, Osteopathy, rehabilitation (St. Trinity, 38, clinic 5, KAB.19)

Dear friends! We invite you to the first seminar on biochemistry in applied kinesiology.  The main topic of the seminar will be the drainage and detox systems of the body. We will learn how to test the functional chains of digestion, identify the affected organ and select the simplest and safest detox spectrum drugs for it.  We will learn how to test both monopreparations and collect treatment regimens for the liver-gallbladder and kidney-bladder systems. Also, we will treat the entire gastrointestinal tract.  Let's see how the chemical status of the body affects the emotional, vegetative and structural aspects of health. This seminar will be an excellent assistant in the work of any specialist. Even if you only work with the client's structure or psyche, you will receive an easy-to-use tool that accelerates and improves the results of therapy. Seminar program: ▶ ️Introduction on the lymphatic and detox systems ▶ ️Manual Muscle Testing with Tissue Listening ▶ ️ Testing through mudras and switching points ▶ ️Food Chain ▶ ️Detox Chain ▶ ️Rules for the selection of chemicals. Dosage testing ▶ ️Theory of sorbentology ▶ ️Monopreparations ▶ ️For external use ▶ ️Complex therapy of chemical systems of the body ▶ ️Therapy of acute and chronic conditions ▶ ️Collecting drugs to achieve a goal in life The seminar is suitable for everyone who has completed the basic manual muscle testing and chains‼ ️Who has not passed the seminars on MMT and chains - on November 27 ❗ there will be a basic  preparatory seminar for this detox seminar 1 - the cost is 2700 UAH The seminar will provide an opportunity to use a set of nosodes for testing. Nosodes  can be purchased on a prepaid basis for personal and professional use. The set includes 30  readily available drugs in such directions of action as: sorbents, detoxifiers, hepatoprotectors, drainage drugs, probiotics and prebiotics. This set can be purchased for personal use in your practice. To register for the seminar, an advance payment of UAH 2,500 is made to the private bank account In the name of Ella Korobeinikova 0682625740 After payment, send a screenshot of Viber telegrams whatsapp 0682625740 Knowledge of manual muscle testing is a must. Those who have not attended the first workshop on manual muscle testing and circuits have the opportunity to study it before the workshop. Cost or equivalent: With an advance payment of UAH 2,500 before 11/05/2020 - 230 euros. With an advance payment of UAH 2,500 before 11/15/2020 - 240 euros. With an advance payment of 2500 hryvnia before 11/25/2020 - 250 euros Payment after 25.11 and at the seminar 260 euros. Your advance payment at registration will be the security of your place at the seminar. Privat Bank 4149 4393 0093 1536 Ella Mikhailovna Korobeinikova. Address of the seminar: the seminar may change, specify, it will be announced additionally before the seminar.You should have a pen, notebook, socks, changeable shoes, comfortable clothes, your lunch if you wish. Coffee break and goodies included. Association for Applied Kinesiology The seminar is conducted by Andrei Kosikov

The poster of the event — Biochemistry Detox 1 in ELKOR clinic, Osteopathy, rehabilitation