The events in Odessa at 25 November 2020

Musical fairy tale " And where is the fifth?"

25 November 2020, 11:00
category: for children
50 UAH
place: Puppet theatre (street Pasteur, 15)

Ukrainian musical tale with a cheerful national dances. Unusual plot, unusual dolls, the recognition of human characters are of interest for an adult audience. Mother hen and Papa rooster are eagerly waiting for their fifth hatch a chicken. They are even calling on the help of his neighbors Goat, Donkey, Turkey.. but nobody can break the strong egg. With whose help I was able to be born little chick? Come and find out... Author – Boris Aprilov Director – honored.artist of Ukraine A. Kuzik (Lviv) Art Director – T. Ulines (Uzhgorod Music – honored.artist of Ukraine A. Kuzik Lviv) Actors and performers: Chicken Alexander Mirkin Cock, Ass – honored.artist of Ukraine Stas Mikhailenko, Ivan Turcan Goat, Turkey – honored.artist of Ukraine Valery Strelets, Dmitry Pavlov Crow – Alexander Smirnov-Kosheleva For children of preschool and younger school age. The performance duration is 45 minutes. Performance in the Ukrainian language.

The poster of the event — Musical fairy tale " And where is the fifth?" in Puppet theatre