The events in Odessa at 25 November 2020

Cinema Club Amator

25 November 2020, 18:00
category: movie
place: Location (look in the description)

We dim the lights when we watch movies. We want to create halftones to invite our senses. We create a special atmosphere for the meeting of consciousness with our images, feelings and fantasies. We want to come out filled after this meeting, so we choose where, when and with whom to share it. The cinema club is that special place where all revived feelings and images, when discussed together, turn into a constructive and creative force. Feeling and understanding of ourselves expands, we become creators of our life and relationships with others. ⠀ Where? Alexandrovsky prospect, 34 ⛳️ ⠀ When? 25.11  at 18.00  ⠀ With whom? analytically oriented psychologist Olga Saulyak  together with the Amator film club invites you to share the amazing story of the Little Prince . When watching the cartoon of the same name in the friendly company of  movie lovers, you will take a trip to the secret corners of your soul.

The poster of the event — Cinema Club Amator in Location